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A singing project related to Pendle Hill with FREE singing sessions

In 2019 the Clarion Community Choir received funding from the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership (funded by the National Lottery) to lead an exciting singing project. The Pendle Hill Song Fellowship is about some of the visionaries who were born locally or were drawn to the area of Pendle over the centuries. The project encourages singers and non-singers alike to join us on a discovery of two amazing characters.

Following in the footsteps of visionaries

You have probably heard of George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, who had his inspirational vision on the top of Pendle Hill. You may also have heard of Selina Cooper, a mill worker by the age of 12, who as the first woman representative of the Independent Labour Party fought for better services for women. There are many other social reformers, free thinkers and mavericks associated with the area around Pendle Hill.

Thomas Arthur LeonardEthel Carnie Holdsworth

For this project we have chosen to sing about Ethel Carnie Holdsworth (poet, novelist and social reformer) and Thomas Arthur Leonard (founder of the Holiday Fellowship). Both of these individuals fought for the rights for workers to have more time to get out into the great outdoors of Pendle Hill in order to recharge their batteries. We couldn’t agree more with the need to reconnect to nature and so we aim to celebrate them in song.

Songs and Singing – even if you think you can’t sing!

The free singing sessions will be taking place over three half days between July and mid August. Come along and learn some new words for old songs, some simple new songs and some songs to raise the roof. All of these sessions will be taking place in Pendleside village halls on the dates below.

Saturday 27 July (in Barley Village hall) from 10 a.m until 1.00 p.m.
Saturday 10 August (in Downham Village hall) from 10 a.m until 1.00 p.m.
Saturday 17 August (in Downham Village hall) from 10 a.m until 3.00 p.m.

All songs will be taught by ear – there is no need to be able to read music. What is more, you will be supported by volunteers who already sing and who will keep you in tune. This is a great opportunity to gain more confidence with your voice and experience all the benefits of singing.

You can hear recordings of the songs on the Members page.

What you need to bring

We will be providing refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) and handouts, so all you need to bring is an open mind, a willingness to listen and if you want to stay in Barley or Downham for the afternoon, please bring some lunch with you.

On the final session (17 August), the singing session will carry on after lunch time in order to end with a small informal concert. So bring some lunch that day and feel free to invite your friends and family to arrive at 2.30 for tea and cake. The concert will start at 3.00 and end at approximately 3.30.

Transport and other questions

If you have any other questions (for example relating to volunteering or bringing groups of people to join in the project), or if you need transport to the venues please contact us. We will be picking people up in central locations in Burnley, Nelson / Brierfield and Clitheroe at approximately 9.15 on the dates above. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are grateful to Mid Pennine Arts for starting us on the journey that has resulted in this project. They are on a bigger journey – lasting four years – searching for a whole range of 'Pendle Radicals'.

Here is a list of songs for the project.