Musical Director Recruitment 2021/2

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Our Apprentice Leader position offers an opportunity for young/inexperienced adult choir leaders who are starting out and might like to "shadow" more experienced leader/s.

This Apprenticeship agreement (hereinafter called 'the agreement') is made on _________________


[name and address] (hereinafter called 'the Apprentice')


East Lancs Clarion Choir c/o 65 Hufling Lane, Burnley BB11 3QH (hereinafter called 'the Host')

1. Appointment

1.1. The Host hereby appoints ___________(name) as an Apprentice Musical Director with the Host with effect from ________________________(Date) until ________________________(Date) (hereinafter called 'the Apprenticeship period')

2. The Host's Obligations

2.1 To provide observing, shadowing and taster opportunities for the Apprentice Musical Director of the skills used by a Musical Director, subject to the length of the Apprenticeship period and the abilities and interests of the Apprentice to include, but not exclusively, the following areas:-

a) Preparation outside of the weekly choir meetings:-

b) At the weekly choir meetings:-

2.2 Remuneration

By expressing an interest in sharing or learning in this way, you agree to the following Common Understanding:

The Apprentice agrees to the following basic principles:

The Host agrees to the following basic principles:

The Host or Apprentice will communicate any additional requirements or expectations in their communications prior to the session.