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What We Sing is What We Are – East Lancs Clarion Choir

We're a community choir that meets weekly in central Burnley.

Bring out your Banners

You are invited to our next free concert on Thursday 26th March at St Peter's School Hall, Burnley. See the Events page for more details.

A mixed choir with about 20 members – men and women, it is open to all adults (over 16s) who want to sing together.

East Lancs Clarion Community Choir is led by nationally acclaimed tutor Janet Russell, we have fun singing songs from the community singing tradition - songs of peace and freedom.

Communal Singing in Burnley, East Lancashire

Clarion Choir is a friendly choir with a strong tradition of human rights and its roots planted firmly in the folk music of both the British Isles and the World.

We sing songs which illustrate the fight of workers against oppression, protest songs against injustice and for equal rights and peace.

We sing songs which follow the seasons, songs of socialism, folk songs, the struggle for freedom and justice, songs from around the world, protest songs and songs for peace.

East Lancs Clarion Choir – An Acappella Choir in Burnley

Clarion Community Choir is an unaccompanied a cappella choir. We sing in 4 part harmony, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass (SATB), 3 parts or sometimes in rounds.

Want to get singing? – Join East Lancs Clarion Choir, Burnley

We believe that everyone can sing and has the right to sing so we encourage those new to singing and don't have auditions to join. We welcome all over 16s.

Natural Voice Harmony Singing with Clarion Choir

Songs are taught by ear so you do not need to be able to read music. Music is provided too for those who like to see it written down.

East Lancs Clarion Choir Promotes Vocal Confidence

You can expect a warm welcome and lots of fun singing with the Clarion Choir in Burnley.

Everyone has the right to sing and everybody can sing.

Gain confidence with your voice.

The East Lancs Clarion Choir performing at the Royal Northern College of Music